Money Back Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied with an instrument you buy from me, I will buy it back at the price you originally paid to me, minus the cost of any major repairs that are not the result of reasonable wear.

Warranty: I strive to build the highest quality instruments. Each instrument is warranted to the original owner as to materials and workmanship. I use only high-quality, well-aged woods. Before use, every piece of wood is stored for a year at 40%-50% relative humidity. I use only instrument-grade glues: fresh hide glue heated to 145° F, Titebond less than a year in age, and LMI instrument makers’ glue never older than six months. I apply only my own fresh varnish.

Practice the following cautions and my instruments will last for generations:

  Don't leave wooden instruments in cars parked in the sun. Temperatures can easily soar and melt the glues and/or the finish.  
Don't open a wooden musical instrument's case if it was left in a cold environment, such as a car in winter. Instead, crack the case but don't open it when you bring it into a warm environment. Let the instrument acclimatize slowly. This could take twenty minutes, or it could take an hour; it depends on how cold the instrument is and how warm the inside environment is. I know this is a pain when all you want to do is play, but failure to slowly acclimatize the instrument can lead to seriously crackled finish.  
  Don't store wooden instruments in a cold, damp basement or garage.  
  Don't store wooden instruments in a hot attic.  
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